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Gothamist and DNAinfo are joining the Writers Guild of America East

April 12, 2017


The editorial workers of Gothamist and DNAinfo are joining the Writers Guild of America East, with union cards signed by an overwhelming majority of staff.


Digital journalism is constantly changing. In light of our recent merger, we think that this is the moment to determine fair policies regarding compensation, benefits, termination, severance, and editorial standards. This will make the newsroom stronger by preserving our unique editorial voices and allowing the company to attract and retain quality journalists, now and into the future.


The coverage and commentary we provide our readers can’t be found elsewhere. We’re proud to be the public’s eyes and ears across the neighborhoods we cover.


We are as devoted to the success and vitality of the sites we write for as our executives and owner. Together, we can come up with a contract that provides us with needed safeguards and benefits while also assuring management’s ability to keep the sites robust and compelling for years to come.