What is the Writers Guild?
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What is the Writers Guild?

The Writers Guild of America, East is a labor union of thousands of creative professionals who create digital media, television and motion pictures.

For decades the Writers Guild has been essential in fighting for better standards in working conditions, compensation, and the respect of dignity of members. Our mission is to build a community of creative professionals with the willingness to support each other and the power to secure fair industry standards.


In just over two years, over a thousand digital media workers have joined the Writers Guild by forming unions in their workplaces.

Reporters, writers, editors, photographers, copy editors, producers, graphic designers, social media editors, audio technicians & engineers, directors, shooters and more have joined together to win a formal seat at the table in order to negotiate over the future of their workplace.

Workplace Protections

It is natural for one’s job responsibilities to shift over time depending on the needs of the company and the industry. But dramatic changes to employees’ workload and responsibilities, made without employee input, hinder our ability to produce our best work. Contract negotiations can establish protocols for changing workplace policies, adding work responsibilities, and advocating for equitable and transparent compensation.

Changing Industry

We work in an ever changing industry. The pace of change and innovation is what makes the work exciting but it’s also what leaves us and our colleagues vulnerable. A union is a formal mechanism to advocate for each other and to address systemic issues at the company and in our profession, which is essential in good times and bad.

Creative Freedom & Editorial Autonomy

The only way to ensure reporters and writers can hold the monied and powerful accountable is if they are guaranteed protection from retaliation. A union contract is one way to ensure that powerful people and institutions can’t use their influence to dictate coverage or squash stories that are unflattering.